Vocational training


Vocational training in Leader doesn’t take much time and economize your budjet  – you can get a new speciality just for some months under the control of experienced teachers who will teach you the theoretical and practical skills .

Leader offers a great variety of specialities:

• Massage course;
• Waiters and barmen training;
• Cook training;
• Sushi;
• Typewritng course;
• Stanography course;
• Photoghraphy;
• Budjeting course;
• Eurorepair course;
• Automechanic training;
• Speedreading course;
• Radiopresenter course;
• TV presenter course.

Более 60000 слушателей выбрали наши курсы, свыше 1000 компаний доверили нам обучение своих сотрудников.